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Adjudication of Violations

SEBI Takeover Regulations, being one of the most complicated laws of Indian Legal Jurisprudence, have always been prone to massive non-compliances and SEBI has been very active in ensuring compliance of these regulations. After years of research and experience in SEBI Takeover Regulations, our team of legal and professionals experts is known for providing specialized and best quality services for adjudication of violations in this arena. With our proficient and in-depth understanding of these regulations, we help our clients to settle the adjudication proceedings, if any, initiated by SEBI. In this regard, we have created an edge with the knowledge of practices and procedures being followed at various regulatory bodies. Our services in this arena include:

  • Analysis and understanding of the facts and circumstances of the case.
  • Finalization of contentions and submissions for the case
  • Drafting of Application
  • Follow-up with SEBI for procurement of order
  • Submission of replies to Queries received from SEBI
  • Representation before SEBI
  • Any other task, as may be necessary or incidental to it.

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