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Creating a systematic compliance system is our highest priority, and which shall help you in minimizing the uncertainties of missing out any compliance. With this aim, we shall render services covering the arena of securities law, specifically the following:

  1. SEBI (SAST) Regulations (Takeover Code) Compliances
  2. SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations Compliances
  3. Listing Agreement Compliances
We shall provide complete solutions to all statutory compliances and also advise and assist you for various event based requirements in securities laws applicable to your listed Company. We follow the following service level structure:

Compliance Management & Reporting

Our product surpasses the conventional approach of handling compliances and goes beyond a mere checklist approach for filing of forms, submission of returns and maintenance of records, as required by law. Our services address the need of developing systems and processes within the organizations to ensure compliance at all times. We adopt a proactive approach through systematic identification & understanding of Company’s legal operations and implementing measures that counter risks arising out of non-compliances.

Decision Facilitation

We will always remain on job in assisting you to decide your action plan for your further acquisitions or divestments. We would be assisting you to know all the legal consequences of Takeover Regulations, Insider Trading Regulations, and other legal requirements of your proposed action.

Review Management Services

We assist our clients in effectively reviewing their transactions on a regular basis & accordingly judge their compliance status. The review management services are specifically tailored to meet clients’ specific needs, and provide effective support to management in determining the present compliance status and prepare themselves accordingly. We provide a periodical session of review management services to assure that there is no fallbacks.

Opinions’ Service

We shall be giving you full understanding & support in respect of any interpretational issue on Takeover Code, Insider Trading, Listing Agreement or other Securities laws. We would be serving you with online opinions based on precedents and best practices.

News & Insights

We shall be acquainting you with the latest developments in the takeover law so as to ensure that you get easy access to the latest thinking in industry and to enable faster, better-informed decision-making.